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Welcome to Comtela

Comtela is the financial industry's first social PR platform that allows users to find and engage financial journalists and identify and join key conversations.
Leveraging Cognito's unparalleled industry experience and expertise, users can:
Word Cloud
Track and engage relevant conversations.
Press following
Build and benchmark your twitter following.
Hashtag and keyword list
View an easy to use list of top hashtags and keywords used by financial journalists.
Journalist percentage
Monitor how your press following is changing.


Twitter Feed

Browse through recent tweets from financial journalists.

If you're a journalist looking to be included in our database and would like to increase your following of financial professionals, email us or DM (Direct Message) us through Twitter.
View Journalist Progression Chart
View Journalist Progression Chart
Search Hashtags
List of top hashtags
Twitter feed from journalists in finance
Hashtags and Keywords being used in finance today
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Top Keywords and Hashtags used by journalists in finance today
Twitter feed from journalists in finance
If you are press or media and are not on this list but would like to be: email us or DM (Direct Message) us through Twitter.
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